As a Group with global reach
FUKKOL is recognized around the world for its innovative lubricants and related specialty products for industry. roots : our headquarters are located in Hong Kong, where it all began. In 1996, KALEN founded his import and sales company for high-quality refinery products in local market. Just 2 years later we made our first deliveries to customers abroad. China business relationships became important early in the company’s history. In the 1990’s, our company increased its activities in international markets. Two main developments characterized the 90’s and 20’s: specialization and expansion. Product selection was expanded continuously and tailored to the special needs of our partners. Investment acquisitions, takeovers, and new business starts around the globe gave expression to our successful corporate strategy. In the early 20’s, all activities were focused on the core business: lubricants. Sales become strongest in the Asian-Pacific markets. Today, the Group is headed by Kalen International Ltd. in Hong Kong, with manufactory listings in Hui Zhou, China, and regions office in vitnam ,Thailand and Malaysia
Development History

In 1996——Founding of the Kalen Trading Company in Hong Kong . Import and sales of high-quality petroleum refinery products. Development of a regional lubricants business.

In 1997——Start of in-house production and cooperate with FUKKOL Japan ,develop of fine chemicals products. In 1998——Company moves to the Da Lang industrial zone and opens a sales office in China.


In 1999——Rebuilding of Market in lubricants, grease, aerosol and adhesive.. First chemist and engineering specialist hired.

In 2000——Development of adhesive and.focus on supplying industry for rebuilding; the industrial business.

In 2001——Expansion of sales offices and customer service from southe rn to north in China.


2002 - develop and design agents in other provinces and other countries in China;

2003 - successful development of plastic toughening agent, greatly improving the cost of plastic production;

2004 - changed from Dongguan Fugao lubricating oil trade department to Dongguan Fugao Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd;


2005年 - Cooperate with Mumeisha of Japan to develop nano coating;

2006 - Domestic subsidiary: Shenzhen Fukkol Lubricating Oil Trade Department;;

2007 - Shenzhen Fukkol Lube Oil Trading Department becomes Shenzhen Fukkol Lube Oil Co., LTD;


2008 - Investment Malaysia Division: Fukkol Group (Ma) Co,LTD;

2009 - Investment directly affiliated factories:Kalen lubricants Technology(Hui Zhou) Co,LTD;

2010 - To be a member of IATA International Air Cargo Organization for Dangerous Goods;