Everything Innovation Start from FUKKOL
The people at FUKKOL have a reputation for solving difficult technical challenges whilst producing products that display significant advantages over the competition. FUKKOL products are formulated and then tested on state of the art equipment which means that you can be sure of maximum performance every time. We develop all of our products in accordance with the ISO 9001 system and are certified to internationally recognized standards. Our work with SGS and international food standards bodies along with companies like Hong Kong Government Supply and a kind different automotives manufactory in China has enabled us to accumulate the experience required to produce products that you can rely on to perform in any environment. Highly qualified quality control personnel ensure that nothing leaves our CHINA manufacturing centre unless it is perfect. The FUKKOL technical service laboratories carry out condition monitoring and the routine analysis of field samples. This gives you complete confidence whenever you use a FUKKOL product. FUKKOL is able to offer nearly 1000 products among 19 categories for both domestic and overseas consumers. These products mainly include special lubricants, grease, detergent, degreaser, adhesives, aerosols, metal-working fluids, marine oils and etc. We can also provide car care
productsand lubricant additives.