Talent is the fundamental problem of company. Company’s rise and fall lies in talents’ admiration and fully exerting their ability. FUKKOL knows deeply that it will bring company’s continuous development to provide employees with all development and welfare to achieve mutual development and profit for company and employees. During years of development, FUKKOL keeps talent as foundation, and tries best to provide development to every employee, makes them fully exert their ability and provide best welfare to each of them. Thus FUKKOL development history is the history of FUKKOL people’s history of innovation, struggling, and staying together regardless of the situation. Although some of them lack behind, the growing FUKKOL keeps broad bosom and craves for talents to join in FUKKOL. Here, FUKKOL will provide you a broader development of human life. Using your talent and wisdom to help with FUKKOL development which in turn is your development. Welcome you to join us!