Painto LIC Paint Remover

Product Information
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Product Packing Information
Single Unit

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Painto Lic is soaked at normal temperature for use ,which is convenient ,incombustible ,with fast depainting speed ,widely used in metal painting layers to prevent the metal surface from any corrosion ,discoloration ,etc.when the paint layer on the metal surface is removed

Product details


packing specification gross weight net weight size   unit capacity
4pcs x/Ctn 2.5kg 2.1kg 270×115×280(MM) 500ml

Application method

Soak the workpiece in the paint remover,and after the paint film is removed ,take out the workpiece ,make it clean and dry using pot scourer or towel .The soaking time is determined as per the paint thickness .As to the initial application or no experience in such application ,it is recommended to make trial application first with a small amount ,and then make application with a large amount


This product has slight irritant action and certain toxicity ,labour protection appliance (including gloves and gauze masks )is required in operation

Keep child away from the product and NO drinking

Keep the product in a cool and well-ventilated place ; make eye-catching marks such as "azard! Dont" touch!"and Don"t expose the product in the sun